Technostalgia and Living With an iMac 5K: 2 Years Later

To really get to grips of my opinion on the iMac 5K (late 2014 model), I thought we would take a short stroll through digital time. Dabble in some technostalgia. I consider myself first a multimedia creator, and a gamer/enthusiast second. But perhaps the computers I have used haven’t always reflected this. See all three of the computer’s I have ever owned and how they coped with my usage. Can you remember your first computer? Tell me about it!

How did I ever live without it? – Ha!

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How to Get Ready Quicker: The One Room Rule

Ever have somewhere to be but end up taking forever to get ready before you go – no matter how much you rush? If you are anything like me, this is the usual morning struggle. Leaving in 10 minutes but spend another 20 getting yourself together. This can be stressful and wear you out in the long run, but the one room rule can solve this.
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